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rayma3's Journal
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Monday, July 1st, 2013
8:56 am


Thursday, January 29th, 2009
12:53 pm
Fruit Bell Pull
I have been sick and because of  this have not wanted to work on Celtic Garden. Even though I only have the beads and french knots to do.  So instead I have been working on my brother and his wife's wedding present.  It is a fruit bell pull from the Stoney Creek Magazine about three or four years ago.  I am working this 2 over 2.  As with most Stoney Creek work I seem to change thread fairly often.  Enough with the chatter Collapse )
Friday, July 18th, 2008
4:11 pm
I just joined this wonderful community of stitchers.  I joined because I love to see other people's amazing work.  And to share my own.  I started stitching when I was in sixth grade.  My grandmother taught me.  I did little projects until college. My first year at University they told everyone to take only 12- 15 hours; I was bored out of my mind.  I went home for a weekend Labor Day, I think, and complained to my mother.  She stopped packing for the move to Texas and an apartment (my dad had been transferred with work and my mom and brother stayed in Tempe, AZ to finish the end of his freshman year of high school.) to find something for me to do.  She found a stocking that she had started for my dad that had about one or two things stitched on it.  I finished the stocking and have been stitching ever since!  I have done a lot of pieces that I gave away and did not take pictures of ... :( 

I started stitching on Linen and evenweave about six years ago.  The first piece I did on linen was my own wedding sampler from Stoney Creek.  I loved it!  I have been stitching on it ever since.  About two years ago my Local Cross-stitch Shop (LNS) had a stitch-out, we sat outside and stitched and the shop was open for others to browse.  I saw almost the entire table stitching Chatelaine's Japanese box.  I fell in love with the designer and the rest is history.  I have one completed (but not framed) piece Alhambra.  I also have three BAP from Martina Weber, Mystery 10  Secret Victorian Garden, Watergarden and Mystery 11 Celtic Garden.  I rotate through the three of these.
I stop all work on anything else at the beginning of the month when Martina releases the next part of Mystery 11 Celtic Garden.  I am up to date and staying up date with this project.  Once this project is finished for the month, I work on Secret Victorian Garden at home(this is on 21 in qsnaps) and Watergarden when I am out and about.

Lately I seemed to have stitched too much because the heel of my hand is hurting.  It hurt more after I stitched than before.  I am trying to think of  ways to make the hole of an algerian eyelet bigger without pulling... ideas would be helpful.

I will try to post pictures either when part 8 of Secret Garden is finished or part 8 of Celtic garden is finished in Late July or Early August...(she is releasing the part early due to vacation)

Thank you for reading!
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